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Welcome to BlanketTop Theater

Bringing the Drive-In Experience to Your Own Backyard

BlanketTop Theater™ was born. 

BlanketTop Theater™ literally started in my own backyard. As an attempt to be a “Super-Dad”, a rough rendition of a backyard theater was created in attempts to make a great movie night for my family, friends, and neighbors to give them as close to a “drive-in” movie experience as I could. I threw a plaid blanket over the tree limb, and then topped it with a thin white sheet.  The funny thing was, the projector light totally showed that plaid blanket but we all happily watched “Kung Fu Panda” with the outlines of that plaid quilt.  While it was not the “best” set up, it WAS truly great! BlanketTop Theater was born!  
After 11 years of hard work and great attitudes, BlanketTop Theater™ is #1 in the outdoor movie industry and now providing the same great services all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.   Now, with 23 theaters, over 5000 customers serviced, and a coverage of nearly 2 entire states, BlanketTop Theater™ is doing something very positive and very special… for people.
We bring state of the art outdoor movie theaters with the simple intention, to serve smaller venues. It has proven to be a wonderful tool for bringing communities together and thus establishing a “neighborhood”. Please note that we can also provide an indoor screen as well.
Jayson D. Baldridge
Founder and CEO

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