What can BlanketTop Theater do for you

Indoor or Outdoor Theaters

BlanketTop Theater has become as successful as it has because… we are able to adapt when needed.   😉  Inflatable Movie Screen

We can provide you with a BIG SCREEN for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR with ease and safety at the forefront.   

Fact:  During the Spring through early December, we are OUTDOOR Movie doing PEOPLE!  Once it does get a bit too cold and/or inclement weather we can go indoor for an intimate setting and with blankets and DID SOMEONE JUST SAY “Pajama Party”?!?!?  😀 

Indoor movie nights

** Our indoor screens are 12 ft screen and thus far have fit into any and all areas that have been requested.  So… I guess we nailed it!  NAILED IT! 😀 **

BlanketTop Theater can set up our theaters by poolsides, in courtyards, or even indoors providing locations meet our safety requirements.                                                                                                                                                          Dive in theater      Courtyard Theater      indoor big screen theater  

BlanketTop Theater is fully insured and certified with Compliance Depot (Vendor # 561074), RMIS, NetVendor, and Vendor Verify.


DJ Services

DJing is just one of the many services that BlanketTop Theater has perfected.

Additional Items

Pass out glow necklaces and popcorn at during your movie night event and be the real "movie star". :D


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