Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to reserve a theater?

We recommended at least 2 weeks prior to your event to maximize your marketing efforts. Note: Provided there is an opening, we will accommodate your event regardless of the recommended time suggested.

How much space is needed for setup?

We recommend a 16 x 16ft runway to allow the projection to reach its best quality. The location of the screen needs to have a “non-windy” area of approximately 13ft within your area of interest.

Where can the theater be setup?

Our theater can be set up virtually anywhere of solid ground. (Our theaters do NOT float on water nor is it recommended on sandy areas) We can set up our theaters outdoors and indoors!

Do you provide the movie or gaming system and games?

NO.  Due to the piracy laws in place, BlanketTop Theater can NOT provide the movie itself for a theater production. Overall, we provide you the ability to project multiple sources of video.

What happens if there is bad weather?

Safety First! We do not wish to work in inclement weather (i.e. Rain or windy gusts above 15 mph) to create possible equipment issues/malfunctions as well as your audience WILL NOT SHOW in general. To ensure your event is a success, we will be watching the weather in your area and keeping close contact with you prior to your event.

BlanketTop Theater Policy: If request BTT to set up on that given date and inclement weather comes upon us during the event, BTT will not provide a refund for this event. However, your NEXT event will be half off the theater cost. If BTT is not notified within 3 hrs of the event, the customer will be charged $100 for theater service call. However, there is NO CHARGE if your event is rescheduled prior to the 3 hours window aforementioned.

Are you an insured vendor?

Yes! BlanketTop Theater is a fully insured company and certified with Compliance Depot, RMIS, and Vendor Verify. Certificates provided upon request.

How long does an event last?

An event lasts approximately 3-4 hours. (Durations are “presentation” dependent. Live feeds are typically longer than movie events.)

Does the presentation come with licensing? 

Based on the fact that BlanketTop Theater does not own the property of which we are performing, we cannot provide the licensing in general.  Please note that provided that you are on private property there is no licensing required. 

Can you show an event during the daylight hours?

NO… BTT operates under the same lighting standard as all other types of theaters. We are a night time event for the most part. Light fights light!  BlanketTop Theater will provide you with a full event timeline for you to market with.


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