He was home just one day after retiring as a Major/IT Director/Project Manager with the United States Army when Jayson had the idea to do something special for his family and neighbors.  That’s right – that plaid blanket on a tree limb was all it took for Jayson to realize he had hit on something with the potential to go wide.  After all, if his family, neighbors and their kids got such a kick out of screening a movie in their own backyard with the sky and stars as background, imagine what the experience might be with a few options – like inflatable screens, sound systems and refreshments!

It would take more than Jayson’s desire to bring people together and enjoy a little entertainment to create the BlanketTop Theater™ business model.  But as luck would have it, Jayson also has a master’s degree in Information Technology.  Call him a nerd, if you will, but we like to think of him more as a genius for coming up with the BlanketTop Theater™ concept – one that is now playing throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

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