Do you presently own and operate a business? Are you someone with sound business sense who recognizes the rewards owning a franchise can bring?  BlanketTop Theater™ franchisee prospects are enthusiastic, motivated individuals with a desire to run a successful business where customer satisfaction is king.

Heck – you don’t even have to like movies (but we bet you do) because the BlanketTop Theater™ experience is more about people coming together to share some fun than it is about the movie.

It takes a mere five days of training to become a BlanketTop Theater™ franchisee and you don’t even have to quit your day job.  BlanketTop Theater™ customers primarily book on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and set up time on the site is typically around 7:30 p.m. with break down a few hours later.

You can hold on to that 9-5 world if you like and still be a BlanketTop Theater™ franchisee, but here’s your chance to get out of the corporate world and do your job on a starry night and often at poolside…no shoes required!

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