Movie or Extreme Gaming Events

  •  Sunday through Wednesday: $367.06
  •  Thursday through Saturday: $407.06

Bundled Pricing Option:

  • Sunday through Wednesday: $435.15
  • Thursday through Saturday: $475.15

Bundled pricing option includes:

    • Movie event
    • Popcorn machine rental
    • Popcorn (up to 75 servings)
    • 25 glow necklaces

Live Feed Events:

  • Sunday through Saturday: $477.06
    *All sporting events are considered live feed events. Cable hook-up provided by host

Individual Items:

    • Large 8 oz. Popcorn Popper: $45
    • 10.75 ounce Popcorn Packets (Kernels/Butter/Seasonings): $4 each (Popcorn bags included in rental)


  • 22 Inch Fluorescent Necklaces (Kids of all ages love them!!!)
      • First group of 25 count: $25
      • Second group etc: $17.50


  • ( Colors: Yellow, orange, green, purple, and blue)

BlanketTop Theater has become a one-stop-shop that will make your “Movie under the stars” event FABULOUS!

*Note: Pricing includes fuel surcharge and tax, however additional fuel surcharge may apply pending on locations outside BlanketTop Theater’s illustrated service zone*
Save money by hosting multiple events throughout the year:
Ask about our Multiple Event Discount Program

BlanketTop Theater can set up theaters at poolside, in courtyards, or even indoors providing locations meet our safety requirements.

BlanketTop Theater is a certified vendor with Compliance Depot, RMIS, NetVendor, and Vendor Verify

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