If you get me to talking about my experience with Blanket Top Theater we could be here a while!! Let me just start with letting you know as far as a resident event this is the way to go!! I have managed my wonderful property for over 20 years and since meeting Jayson Baldridge he has shown me what fun and relaxation is all about in the resident retention area!! He makes this fun for you and your staff as well as an excellent resident retention and resident appreciation idea. He will do all the work for you while you, your staff and your residents have all the fun! Choosing BlanketTop Theater is the smart and best decision when it comes to a resident event!! If you need a great party even outside of work I would say Jayson is your man!! He is like having a one man band show!! He is the DJ, the Host, The snack maker (Popcorn), The Dancer, and the photographer too! I could really name a list of reasons of why BlanketTop is the one to choose but I will let you choose him then take all the credit of your brilliancy with your team!! Have fun !!

Rating 10/10