We try to host different events for our residents each month that allows them to meet and greet with new residents and neighbors. Blanket Top Theater offered such a unique idea that we could not pass up on. The planning alone was fun for us. We passed out our invitations to the community and immediately received an excited response with phone calls asking. “What is this?, we can’t wait to see what this is all about” It created a sense of “hype” for the residents and apartment community. Jayson was very friendly and attentive to any of our questions or needs. Dan was awesome, and really helped set the mood and get the crowd going. He played fun music right before the movie started as people were getting their chairs, towels, snacks, and “seating” ready. After the movie finished our residents were so thankful, thanks to Blanket Top Theater!!! Thanks Jayson and Dan!!! We had a great time, didn’t even feel like we were working.
Lisa and Nadine @ Huebner Country Apartment(San Antonio, TX)