All I can say is you guys are “Awesome”!!!
We had a “movie night” at our community last Thurs. night for our residents and it was a huge success! You all are so helpful and so professional! Our residents loved it, our employees loved it and even the drive by traffic loved it!
We had pizza, snow cones, lots of cold drinks, and glow sticks for our audience and it was a big hit! We have been asked several times when we will be doing it again and yes, it will be soon!
You guys are the greatest and we can’t wait to have you here with us again!
I will most definitely let everybody know to schedule this service for any and every occassion! I will be calling you back for the Superbowl, fights, parties, all that! Thanks again so much for a very successful event for our residents!!!
Shelly Alexander
Property Manager
Summerstone Apartment Homes